4: The Booth

5th January, 2022 12:26

Arrived at the office late today. I had a dentist appointment this morning, and yes it included injections. Yikes. I dread the thought of them, but to be fair it wasn't too bad.

The lower right of my face is totally numb after having a filling replaced. I have a coffee but think I'll wait for it to cool down somewhat before I try and drink any in case it all dribbles down my chin.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, when I was thinking of a name for my project I decided that a boxing metaphor may fit well. You have two people fighting each other to complete a set of puzzles that will take place over a number of rounds.

All of the rounds together being called a bout. I did originally think Puzzle Fights would be good but that domain name was taken by some Japanese looking mobile game. One of those popular match 3 gems to defeat the dragon kind of games.

Anyway, Puzzlebouts sounded pretty good and the domain was available so that's what I went with.

Once you have created an account and logged in you land at the "Tale of the Tape" page. For those not into boxing, "Tale of the Tape" is the term they use to describe a boxers statistics. This will be a user's profile page where I plan to show stats about game history, win/loss ratio, and other such things.

I've already completed the user profile creation section where I allow the user to create their own avatar. Here's a screen shot of me logged in with my profile picture on the left hand side and up in the navigation bar.

Account Type, Avatar picture and name. Rating and Country.
Account Type, Avatar picture and name. Rating and Country.

I will do a separate post about account and avatar creation soon as I love the way it came out.

So, onto the booth. The site will have 5 main areas.

- The Ring

- The Arena

- The Booth

- The Gym

- Tale of the Tape

Here is a screen shot of the wording I put together for the login page, describing each area.

The 4 main areas of the site
The 4 main areas of the site

I stumbled on the use of the word 'booth' in relation to boxing, whilst I was researching terminology to use on the site. I wanted a name for the place where users created bouts as well as accepted the challenge of other users' created bouts.

I found the following words on boxinghistory.org under the heading

The Booth in Action.

"The blare of a trumpet or banging of a drum summoned an expectant crowd to the boxing booth in readiness for a new 'house', meaning a new set of fights. The booth boxers stood on a platform in front of an ornately decorated facade, often depicting ring heroes of yesteryear.

An old style Boxing Booth
An old style Boxing Booth

A man called the "barker" introduced each fighter, told the crowd something of his record and reputation then, dangling a pair of well-worn boxing gloves called for a challenger from the crowd, to whom the gloves would be thrown. If the challenger lasted three rounds, he would win a small monetary prize."

I don't plan on monetary prizes, at least to start with, but I have written down an item in my feature possibility list that users could stake bitcoin or one of the other crypto coins as a wager for a bout.

I imagine there are a lot of legal as well as technical complexities around that, so one step at a time.

See you tomorrow ...

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